Fjölís was founded in 1984 and the Articles of Association for Fjölís were confirmed by the Ministry of Culture and Education in 1985. The organization was founded by the associations of fiction writers, composers, journalists and book publishers. The association of non-ficiton writers and visual artists joined later. Publishers of newspapers and journals are not members of Fjölís.

In Iceland, as in the other Nordic countries the licensing system is Extended Collective Licensing (ECL) and  Fjölís distributes non-title specific to member societies.

Members of Fjölís are:

Union of Icelandic Journalists (Blaðamannafélag Íslands)
Icelandic Publishers Association (Félag íslenskra bókaútgefenda)
Association of Non-fiction Writers (Hagþenkir)
Visual Art Copyright Association (Myndstef)
The Writers’ Union of Iceland (Rithöfundasamband Íslands)
The Association of Icelandic Music Sheet Publishers (Sítón)
The Performing Rights Society of Iceland (STEF)


The Board of directors 2022-2023:

Halldór Þ. Birgisson, formaður f.h. Félags íslenskra bókaútgefenda

Ragnar Th. Sigurðsson, varaformaður, f.h. Myndstefs

Jón Yngvi Jóhannsson f.h. Hagþenkis

Hjálmar Jónsson f.h. Blaðamannafélags Íslands

Sindri Freysson f.h. Rithöfundasambands Íslands

Páll Ragnar Pálsson f.h. Stefs

Gylfi Garðarsson f.h. Sítóns.

Contact Fjölís:

Fjölís offices:

Barónsstígur 5,  101 Reykjavík Iceland
Tel. +354 899 9961


Fjölís licenses published material in written form such as texts, music sheets and photos. There are limits of how much is allowed to copy from each work. In Iceland that is 20%, maximum 30 pages.

Fjölís has an agreement with the Ministry of Culture and Education on photocopying in primary and secondary schools and Universities. The current agerement was signed in 2001 and is under revision.

Fjölís has an agreement with the Universities on scanning and digital distribution to students.

Fjölís has also signed licensing agreements with choirs and the State Church along with local government regarding music schools and local government administration.

Fjölís is a member of IFRRO (International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations)


Bilateral agreements:

ABDR (Brazil)
Bonus Presskopia (Sweden)
CADRA (Argentina)
CAL (Australia)
CANCOPY (Canada)
CCC (United States of America)
Cedar (Netherlands)
CEDRO (Spain)
CFC (France)
CLA (United Kingdom)
CLL (New Zealand)
COPIBEC (Canada)
COPYDAN (Denmark)
COPYRUS (Russia)
DILIA (Czech Republic)
FJÖLRIT (Faeroe Islands)
GCA (Georgia)
HKRRLS (Hong Kong)
ICLA (Ireland)
KOPINOR (Norway)
KOPIOSTO (Finland)
KORRA (Korea)
LITA (Slovak Republic)
OSDEL (Greece)
Pro Litteris (Switzerland)
Reprobel (Belgium)
VG Musikedition (Germany)
VG WORT (Germany)
Vietrro (Vietnam)
Zimcopy (Zimbabwe)

Members of Fjölís: